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The Sea Water Energy System Technology

The Sea Water Energy System Technology

SWES (Sea Water Energy System) Technology means that it produces ready to use, clean and stable electric power with seawater in an environmentally friendly way.

Universities laboratories, engineers and institutes of environmental protection were instrumental in the development of SWES Technology.
The most important part of the SWES Technology is the SWES Energy Cell which produces the basic electric power.

The SWES Energy Cell

The SWES Energy Cell produces the basic electric power with seawater.
Development of the energy cell brought the achievement to the SWES Technology.

Development of this part was the most important and the most difficult task. As the energy cell has direct contact with the environment, the used materials must be completely environmentally friendly.

For today we are ready with three different energy cells implemented control panels. According to the needs of use we created 12MPPT and 24MPPT systems –first in the world.

The SWES Energy Cell is the only unit of our system, which has direct contact with the environment.
The anode and cathode pole in the Energy Cell pass through the liquid electrolyte (sea water), a process due to free ions in the electrolyte is cast themselves in the energy.

In energy cells are only materials used, which can be found in nature, and to any solution, or compounds do not harm the environment.
The cathode is special phytogenic crystalline substance and the anode is a specially developed magnesium alloy.

We turn  our SWES Vision into reality

Our SWES Vision

The Dive Light is just the beginning – a ship which does not harm the environment, quiet and affordable to maintain, is our future.

An electric ship which is able to move as quiet and clean as a sailboat is not a dream anymore.

For SWES Technology it does not matter, rain, wind, or sun.
Thanks to electric energy a ship can go in silence. People can enjoy the unique experience of cruising while listening to the sounds of nature.

The future of SWES Technology

For us it was certainty one of the main directions of the development of SWES Technology will be the electric ship.
As the energy is coming directly from the seawater itself the ships are not running on fuel.

The SWES energy cell provides the necessary electric energy from the seawater all day and night long, independently from weather conditions. Thanks to the electric energy your ship can go in the deepest silence and let you enjoy the unique experience while you’re shipping around the sounds of nature.

We made the first steps already and we believe with supporters we can have all the possibilities to build the first prototype of SWES electric ship.

Development of SWES Energy Cells

For an electric power-driven ship the needed energy level is higher than for a dive light.
For our tests and examinations we prepared the first energy cell unit from 8pcs of 12VDC energy cells, which provides all together 96VDC of voltage.

With these tests we verified that the necessary energy level for ships can be produced by SWES energy cells.

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