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Electricity from sea-water anywhere around the world.
No charge, no maintenance – just put it into the sea – and light into the green future!

Imagine a world where you can have light without batteries and ships do not need a tank of fuel, just get on board and go.

Our story

We believe that the development of Sea Water Energy Systems Technology will make a better World.
SWES Technology produces ready to use, clean and stable electric power from seawater in an environmentally friendly way.

We believe that as technology develops, it will be an electric power source which feeds the required energy without harming the environment.

It will be worth the effort when we achieve this.


Everyone has past and present – and everybody can have a future

Deep-sea research projects

In our past we worked in deep-sea research, this is where we met many people committed to oceans, technology and green living.

The members of SWES group have been doing archeological deep-sea research for 20 years. Working on the development of various research equipment.
We have conducted 9 scientific expeditions in 7 countries, which we organized and lead. Many other instrumental research results were realized.

During our work we discovered more than 100 historical wrecks and a 2000 year-old sunken city. We also helped authorities investigate crimes and locate bombs and explosives from World War ll.
Our expeditions resulted in hundreds of written and tele media reports. We arranged successful museum exhibitions for the public.
For more information please click on www.deepresearch.hu
(The website is written in the Hungarian language. Please, use the translator of your browser or other software to translate the content to other languages.)

The beginning of an exciting tomorrow!

Development of research equipment

While we were working on the development of a deep-sea research robot (ROV) we discovered the idea of using power from the environment to drive the robot.

This idea became the basis of SWES Technology.

Today our first priority is to start serial production of the SWES Dive light in November 2017.

The future holds lots of possibilities!
Our research for a deep –sea robot led us to future opportunities in electric power resources.

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SWES D1001 dive light

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